Exposure Grade Bricks

Exposure Grade Bricks
Exposure Grade Bricks
Exposure Grade Bricks

Do you need an Exposure Grade Brick?

The durability of a brick is a measure of its resistance to attack by soluble salts. All products manufactured by Austral Bricks are classified by their durability – either as an Exposure Grade (EXP) product or as a General Purpose (GP) product.

Exposure Grade Bricks

Bricks that are given an Exposure Grade rating are made to withstand high salt conditions.

An Exposure Grade brick should be used for external walls exposed to aggressive environments such as:

  • If you are building within 1km of surf coast
  • If you are building within 100m of a non-surf coast
  • In areas where walls are subjected to salts in the soils, adjacent material or ground water (check with your local council if you are unsure of your soil type)
  • All retaining walls
  • Below the damp proof course in a wall

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